Life House iOs app
Re-design of the whole mobile experience in order to improve the overall stay experience by offering more flexibility and self-dependence to the guest through their phone.
UI/UX Designer
Life House

The current mobile app experience is suboptimal, unreliable and not on brand. For various reasons, guests overwhelmingly do not download the app and the ones that do frequently encounter usability or performance friction points.


How to design an app including compelling features that users will use?

The initial approach was defining the overview of our different online experiences from booking to checkout, then make hypotheses on the pain points and how a mobile experience can solve them.

We ran a couple of interviews with guests from different Life House hotels and identified who was our end users, then we challenged their needs.


The tech-savvy guests who are used to engaging with apps in their daily life, such as ordering food, cabs or booking activities.

The Life House mobile app has to be split into distinct segments based on the user journey. Such as pre-booking, pre-stay et during stay.

Mapping out the different flows and building out the main screens structures
New ui, blending usability & editorial look

For the UI we wanted to stick as much as possible to the website in order to keep consistency across the overall experience.

After the rollout of the new app we notice an immediate lift across all critical KPIs, especially on digital key, checkin and checkout features.