Revenue Management Dashboard
I had the chance to design the dashboard of the new revenue management tool launched by Life House. This project is a glimpse of the whole MVP project.
Product Designer
Life House

In the context of the design of a new B2B product launch by Life House, I had to design the reporting dashboard to gather all the key information relevant to property owners. This dashboard should be thought of both 
on mobile and desktop.


How do we offer a clean interface showing a glimpse of how a property 
is performing relative to different KPIs vs time?

Research and benchmark around reporting and the ability to filter by key time periods & compare against key metrics. We ran a couple of user interviews and test to validate our hypotheses.


General Manager (<100), Manages an independent hotel. Responsible for the hotel’s P&L Reports to the hotel owner and manages rates & distribution strategy. Owner (<100), Owns an independent hotel, tasks the GM with most aspects of the day-to-day operations.

Building a dashboard offering the ability to filter by key time periods & compare against key metrics, to ensure a large amount of information is presented succinctly. Ensure user doesn’t require any mental math to access the KPIs.

Mapping out the different flows and building out the wires of different directions.
The Creation of a New UI

For the UI we wanted to stick as much as possible to the editorial look and feel of the Life House brand and blend it with the technology aspect of that type of product. That gave the emergence of a soft colours palette and the utilization of a serif font to emphasize the financial side. Also breaking out with the competitor's products.

User feedback was really great and they found the UI approach was definitely much nicer than other revenue management tools they use to have, also they found it very easy to navigate through the great amount of data.